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We Deliver Topsoil and Compost to Davidsonville, MD

When you need topsoil and compost for your garden and landscaping needs in Davidsonville, MD, call on the professionals at Stallings Landscaping Inc. We can help you decide if you need topsoil, compost, or both and how much based on your special projects are in the yard. Our team has been assisting horticulturists in the area for over 20 years. Local residents and business owners trust us because we only carry the best mixes and can help find the best options to help grow your lawn and garden like never before. You can either visit our shop today or reach out to us for delivery if you know what you are looking to help your front and backyard. Give us a call today, and let’s begin to grow a wonderful relationship.

How Topsoil and Compost Help Your Lawn and Garden

You may be wondering why you need topsoil and compost for your lawn and garden. Stallings Landscaping Inc is here to help explain why you should reach out to us when you are having growth issues throughout your yard and when you are beginning your garden.

Essential Components of Lawn Care

Topsoil and compost are two essential components of lawn care. For instance:


Sitting at the uppermost level of your soil, topsoil helps your plants grow by harnessing nutrients, pH balance, and retaining water to assist with feeding. Without working topsoil, you cannot have a thriving garden full of beautiful flowers and vegetables. Topsoil can also be used to help start or rebuild your lawn.


Compost and either be used on its own or paired with topsoil to retain those created nutrients and water supply. Instead of using potentially dangerous chemicals and fertilizers to get better production from your plants and lawn, use compost for an organic solution. We will help give your yard and garden the perfect balance.

Topsoil and Compost You Can Trust

We offer different kinds of topsoil and compost to help meet the needs of your landscaping dreams. We provide our customers with local native topsoil, compost, manufactured organic compost, and organic topsoil, all available for pick up or delivery. We also sift through all materials to ensure you don’t get unwanted rocks, twigs, and other debris to prevent your topsoil and compost from doing its job. Our high-quality solutions help your lawn look its best and garden products with ease.

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