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Extend Your Living Space

Our hardscapes add aesthetic appeal to your home for you and your guests to enjoy. Start with a blank canvas and let us transform it into something that will have you eager to spend time in your backyard. Choose from a variety of materials, such as concrete or stone. We offer an assortment of design options, creating limitless possibilities. Our creative design team is dedicated to producing a unique blueprint that fits your vision. Upon our initial consultation, our specialist will meet with you to determine your needs.

When it comes to outdoor living, kitchens are among the most desired type of space. An outdoor kitchen adds more than just curb appeal–its functionality will have you wondering how you ever lived without it. Stay engaged with your guests when hosting an outdoor party; no more running back and forth between courses. Choose to include the features that are most important to you and will improve your outdoor living experience. Whether you are wishing for a solid built-in grill or a well-stocked wet bar, we can tailor a custom space just for you. Even if you’re spending time indoors, additional counter and cooking space that comes with a second kitchen is a game-changer. If your indoor kitchen is feeling cramped, an outdoor kitchen might be the right solution for your home. When you’re trying to stay cool during warm weather, an outdoor kitchen also provides the option to use an outdoor oven or stovetop to prevent unwanted heat in your home. You will be amazed by all of the benefits that come with an outdoor cooking space!

Add Value to Your Home

If adding value to your home is a priority, we can help you choose details that make your outdoor living space more versatile. Consider adding a fireplace to maximize usability throughout the year.

Greet your guests with a welcoming appearance to your home and impress with an amazing first impression. Hardscapes create a welcoming look to your entryway and extend your hospitality to the curb. They also can also serve to extend your property’s living space. The creative design team at Stallings vow to produce a unique blueprint according to your vision. Hardscapes are amazingly diverse and can also be used to solve many concerns or issues on your property.

Hardscapes are created using a variety of materials such as concrete or stone. There is an assortment of design options, creating limitless possibilities. Upon our initial consultation, our specialist will meet with you to determine your needs. We will then work to design the best solution that will compliment your home. Stallings vows to use the finest materials to create a patio to extend your living space, or to erect a retaining wall to ensure better drainage, or to improve your curb appeal.

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